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    The Pareto Law Reviews site displays reviews from people who have been to Pareto Law’s recruitment days and answers some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. The information on this site should help you find out a lot more about what you can expect from Pareto Law, as well as what graduates think. We’re always looking to improve our recruitment services, training and assessment centres, so what you think really matters to us.

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  • To find out all the latest news concerning current students and ambitious graduates, take a look at the Pareto Law News site.

  • For advice and tips on how to craft a CV and how to succeed at our assessment centre, take a look at the Pareto Law Main website.

  • Take a look at our reviews section to find out what graduates are saying about Pareto Law’s Recruitment, Training and Assessment days.

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The assessment day is designed to find only the best graduates that have the necessary ingredients to succeed in the role of sales. If you’ve been unsuccessful then do not to be too disappointed – it may just mean that there were better suited candidates at the time of your application.

For those graduates placed in a position, Pareto Law will provide you with an unrivalled graduate training programme to give you the skills to develop in your sales career.

You can find out more about our assessment days here.

To find out more about what you can expect from Pareto Law, please visit the main website or take a look at our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages. You can also visit the Pareto Law News Site where you’ll find our more about what graduates are saying about us and our assessment days.

Email your CV to us today at facebook@pareto.co.uk quoting the reference of the vacancy you’d like to apply for and we’ll give you a call. We don’t require a covering letter!

Alternatively, you can send us your CV.